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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Inkscape SVG import in to Anime Studio Comparison and Review


I have been playing a bit with Inkscape imports to Anime studio. I have added a comparison of an Axe model below. The Axe was drawn in Inkscape a free open source vector drawing program and imported directly as SVG into Anime Studio.

Inkscape Axe Anime Studio Axe
Inkscape Vector Axe Anime Studio Imported Vector Axe

The purpose of the trial was that Inkscape being opensource can be put onto a flash drive so I can run off any computer at any time to work on vector models (i.e. in my lunch break at work). I found working with Inkscape reasonably simple to get used to. Many of the tools are intuitive and I liked the line shading and intersect stuff you could use on the paths.

Obviously the Inkscape Axe looks a bit sharper as I think the resolution is a bit higher on the raster image. I also haven't exactly matched the colour schemes as it was just a quick test. As an experiment it works well. After importation there were a fair number of points that required altering and tweaking but it is miles better than raster to vector.

For my purposes I think only low fidelity objects are practical for importation but let me know if you have had better luck or if I'm going about this all wrong. If anyone has heard if Anime Studio is portable let me know as it would be a big help and would avoid the whole importation process entirely!!

Upload wise I have ideas in mind so will post the progress soon. (oh also I guess if you want the Axe I can post up SVG and Anime file? let me know.)