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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Halo - Rocket Launcher (Jack Hammer) and Background

Just  a quick update, haven't  had much time to work in things with Anime but thought I'd post what I've done so far in way of a simple background and Jack Hammer Rocket Launcher (drawn in Inkscape But I will port to Anime Studio to Sort out Shading depth etc).

Crates are as a separate SVG/PNG file. In the Anime File I will have operable sliding doors and lights (red/green/blue/off bone controlled?). Possible use of particle effects could be used for the doors?

I tried to import this to Anime Studio last night but the angles went weird and I didn't have a chance to sort it yet. Might also do a different image for "HOLD LIKE THIS" as I'm sure there is a crass sexual innuendo in there some where.

I'll post up the PNG's and SVG's soon for further fiddling and suggestions.