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Free SVG Files

Free to use SVG files made in Inkscape

On this page I will post Vector files in SVG format. Like the static images these will also mainly be for backgrounds and scenery. If you want to change the original work you will want to download and install Inkscape (which is a free open source piece of software). Available here: Inkscape Website In addition these can be imported into Anime Studio as vector graphics (sometimes with interesting results) for manipulation and animating. When imported to Anime Studio they will loose all color and some of the points and curves may not be as originally set Inkscape. I have been using Inkscape recently for some of the static art work and scenery as it is free and portable on a flash drive.


The following files are available under Creative Commons Licensing. Simply provide a link to my blog if you choose to use any of them in your projects. Thanks folks! Creative Commons License
This work by BiggyRich is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  • Anvil Anvil PNG Image File
  • Two Handed Battle Axe Two Handed Battle Axe PNG Image File
    Two Handed Battle Axe
  • Hammer - Tool Hammer - Tool PNG Image File
    Hammer - Tool
  • Shovel - Tool Shovel - Tool PNG Image File
    Shovel - Tool
  • Pick Axe - Tool Pick Axe - Tool PNG Image File
    Pick Axe - Tool
  • Bucket - Object Bucket - Object PNG Image File
    Bucket - Object
  • Column - Structure Column - Structure SVG File
    Column - Structure
  • Hand Axe - Weapon Hand Axe - Weapon SVG File
    Hand Axe - Weapon
  • Tankard - Object Tankard - Object
    Tankard - Object
  • Horror Game Sprites- Collection Horror Game Sprites- Collection
    Horror Game Sprites- Collection