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Useful Links

Below are a list of webpages and posts I have found that provide excellent tutorials and information for Anime Studio:

Lost marble
Great site with tones of users who provide content, tutorials and other great incites in the forums.

Anime Studio Scripts
The description is in the name. A great site with contributions from some amazing Anime Studio users such as Fazak and Capricorn 33. Definitely check it out if you want to add further functionality to Anime Studio.

Anime Studio Tutor
You have to sign up but its free and as well as tutorials there are loads of free download files including characters and scripts.

Animation 101 Channel
Animation Fun 101 is a great YouTube channel with great tutorials for animators.

Incredible Tutorials
Another great YouTube channel with tons of good quality Anime Studio tutorials. I think there are also some good Flash and other Adobe product tutorials there too.

I created a Deviant Art group to allow sharing of Artwork, Resources and Tutorials on that platform.

Cartoon Solutions
All round animation site with specific sections for Anime Studio including free asset downloads.