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Free to Use Static Images

On this page I will post images of static object in PNG format to use for backgrounds and scenery. I always tend to work with PNG files for quality and the alpha layer. These images will be created in both Anime Studio and Manga Studio. The images for download are created by me and are free to use for whatever purpose.


The following files are available under Creative Commons Licensing. Simply provide a link to my blog if you choose to use any of them in your projects. Thanks folks!

Creative Commons License
This work by BiggyRich is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  • Rubble Building Rubble Building PNG Image File
    Rubble Building
    Dimensions: 469 x 355
  • Muscle Car Muscle Car PNG Image File
    Muscle Car
    Dimensions: 1600 x 1200
  • Bongo Drum Bongo Drum PNG Image File
    Bongo Drum
    Dimensions: 400 x 600
  • Large Boulder Large Boulder PNG Image File
    Large Boulder
    Dimensions: 600 x 600
  • Tomb Tomb PNG Image File
    Dimensions: 3264 x 1840
  • Gnarled Tree Gnarled Tree PNG Image File
    Gnarled Tree
    Dimensions: 1840 x 3264
  • Anvil Anvil PNG Image File
    Dimensions: 489 x 368
  • Two Handed Battle Axe Two Handed Battle Axe PNG Image File
    Two Handed Battle Axe
    Dimensions: 302 x 720
  • Hammer - Tool Hammer - Tool PNG Image File
    Hammer - Tool
    Dimensions: 594 x 239
  • Shovel - Tool Shovel - Tool PNG Image File
    Shovel - Tool
    Dimensions: 621 x 623
  • Pick Axe - Tool Pick Axe - Tool PNG Image File
    Pick Axe - Tool
  • Bucket - Object Bucket - Object PNG Image File
    Bucket - Object
  • Column - Structure Column - Structure PNG Image File
    Column - Structure
  • Hand Axe - Weapon Hand Axe - Weapon PNG Image File
    Hand Axe - Weapon
  • Tankard - Object Tankard - Object
    Tankard - Object